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Album Hag Dec

Release 28 August 2009

allroh cover

14 € incl. shipping (Europe)

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allroh france

Mai 2010
Anne Rolfs is a young German woman who sings with a rare self-assuredness – an antidote to the nymphic whispiness of others working similar territory. She also spends a large portion of HAG DEC shredding her guitar to splinters in a bloody fingered blizzard more Darkthrone than Joan Baez. Chord sequenzes erupt in jagged solos, or ringing harmonics, or bouts of possessed caterwauling, with a startling intuitive geometry that suggests the whole record was composed on the fly in a state of grace. Imagin Bill Orcutt and Joni Mitchell busking World of Echo.

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EP Nym

Released in May 2008

allroh cover
EP Nym
4 songs - 26 mn

by Substance

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17.12.2011 Festival Nuit d’Hiver #9, Marseille, Frankreich
26.11.2011 Berghain Kantine, Berlin, with No Bra

10.09.2011 PRFBBQCGN Festival, Sonic ballroom, Köln
07.09.2011 Das Bett, Frankfurt
06.09.2011 Stubnitz, Hamburg
05.06.2011 Nuevo Sol Festival, um 14.00h
21.05.2011 Berlin / EXN POP, Potsdamer Str. 157, 20 min show

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